I’ve Made It (To the Starting Line)

While researching the REAL ins and outs of blogging, prior to launching this baby of mine (REAL – not taught by the quirky tech-savvy character in my favourite crime-show), I’ve realised that just about everyone has a blog or a website of sorts and most of them have content which seems to roll from their keyboards to their page effortlessly. Meanwhile, here’s me, agonising over this first post –every word- thinking who the hell wants to read about me finding it difficult to find something to write about. Who the hell would land on this page and actually continue reading past this line.

I guess that’s the risk most bloggers take, trying to walk the thin line between arrogance and hopeful thinking. I hope I can look back on this post in a few years, having achieved the minimum goals I’ve set for this blog, with the knowledge that the majority of my followers began looking at this site forty, fifty or two hundred posts after this initial cringe-worthy one, and none of them bothered to look far enough into my archive to realise how awkwardly I’ve started this whole thing out. You see, I would wait until I have something better to say – something much more profound to make my glorious entrance onto the online stage an unforgettable milestone in my career as a writer, but I have been waiting six months for that wonderful, jaw-dropping blog entry to come along and it still hasn’t. So honestly, I figured I’d just approach the whole business as if I were approaching any piece of writing – I’d just write. And look at that! Two paragraphs – I thought I’d never make it this far.

I will introduce myself and my dreams in a round-about manner:

I studied so hard in high school. I was top of the class, a student leader and an all-rounder at sports, arts, academics and social studies, which inevitably lead to me having too much to choose from after high school and then choosing nothing at all. Well, that’s half true. I went to university, as was expected, doing a BA Arts (to the disappointment of my father), often roaming the campus alone, finding no point in my degree and no joy in my subjects and no incentive to make friends. So I dropped out. And now I’m here, assuring myself that I don’t need a degree to be a writer and that I can work a full-time job, blog, travel, save for a house and publish a book all while having the time of my life! That’s where my goals for this blog come in: I want to include all of it. I would like to share ideas I have for me, for others, for the world. I would like to share things I love, things I hate, things I’ve done or would like to do. I want to do it creatively and with as much passion as I’d put into something I was writing for a publisher. This will be my platform to discuss the very steep climb I’m making to being a writer and where I’ll ask for feedback from my readers and eventually (hopefully) where I’ll market anything I manage to produce.


Although I am expecting tumbleweeds on this page for an unfathomable number of months, I’ll still put the question out there for anyone present enough to respond:

If you have a blog, how the HELL did you go about writing your first post(s)? And if you thought about starting a blog, but haven’t yet, please console me by telling me it’s that damn first post holding you back as well!


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